Mission Statement

The mission of the Myron Heaton Chorale, Inc. (formerly known as The Myron Heaton Chorale Las Vegas, Inc., and hereinafter referred to as “Chorale”) shall be to organize, promote and establish a professional level choral company in accordance with the vision of the Artistic Director, Myron Heaton. The Chorale shall establish and perform the highest level of professionalism in the quality of music literature through presentation of music from a wide variety of musical styles of all eras and cultures. The Chorale shall organize all business operations, especially the auditioning and selection of well-trained quality singers to fill the positions in the company.  The Chorale shall provide financial remuneration as the annual budget allows. As finances permit, the Chorale shall commission new works from outstanding composers of today. In an effort to share our love of singing in our community, especially with the youth, area middle school/high school choruses will be regularly included in at least one joint performance each season, if possible.