About Us

The Myron Heaton Chorale is a community-wide chorus drawn from the entire Las Vegas Valley. It is a group made up of adult singers, most of whom are volunteers. Within the large group is a core of professional singers who help anchor the chorus and who may sometimes perform on their own. In the past, MHC has sponsored such diverse performing groups as a dance company, a showchoir and a children's chorus.
The governing board of the Myron Heaton Chorale consists of the music director and founder, president,vice-president, secretary, treasurer and an advisory council.

It is the mission of the Myron Heaton Chorale to offer opportunities for participation and performance of great choral music for all ages. In this endeavor we also would like to establish a performing arts model that not only ensures quality but the presentation of a variety of musical types and styles to our community. Specifically, we are committed to presenting American music, both from contemporary composers as well as those of our native Southwestern region- folk, pioneer, western, and Native American music.

Members of the chorale must pass an initial audition, observe attendance requirements and pay yearly dues. Members are also expected to participate in fund-raising activities, recruitment and in promotional events.