Recent Seasons            Past Music

The musical group that was to become the Myron Heaton Chorale was formed in 1990 as a result of a European concert tour that summer. Reluctant to let such an inspirational experience die, a steering committee was formed that fall to incorporate a community choral organization, and our first concert in the Las Vegas Valley took place in December of that year. Since that time, we have presented concert seasons featuring music from medieval times to that of the current day. Our performances have involved singers, dancers, and various instrumentalists. The following are highlights of the chorale's performing history:

The chorale became the first secular choir to perform in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

The chorale sponsored a teen choir (the MHC Showchoir) in a cultural exchange program with China

First choral organization in Nevada invited to perform at the world-renowned Salzburg Music Festival in Austria. A documentary was filmed of the experence in collaboration with Channel 10. Governor Bob Miller proclaimed the Myron Heaton Chorale "Musical Ambassadors" for the state of Nevada.

The chorale formed the first professional choral ensemble in Southern Nevada, the Bel Canto Ensemble. Thus, we joined the ranks of over 100 professional choral groups in the USA.

The chorale was the only choral organization in Nevada to participate in a French film documentary using choirs from around the world singing portions of Handel's Messiah. Las Vegas was then highlighted in this work when filming occurred as part of the Fremont Street Experience.

A return performace in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, a return engagement as part of the Salzburg Music Festival, and the first perfomance by a choir from Nevada in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The Chorale presented selections at the televised unveiling of Nevada's state stamp. Handel's Messiah was performed with an orchestra both in Las Vegas and surrounding communities. A concert version of the restoration of the original Babes in Toyland, as written for the New York opening was performed in collaboration with Theatre Las Vegas.

Old Spanish Trail Concert. Music of Native Americans, pioneer travelers and Spanish explorers, was performed locally and in outlying communities. The Chorale went on an East Coast tour during the summer.